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(USP Grade) (Technical Grade)
FID CHEMICALS realizes that companies don't do business with companies; people do business with people. We recognize that truth, and we hold character as the primary trait of our people. Our leadership represents years of industry expertise working in executive positions in some of the most recognizable names in the world.
When you partner with FID CHEMICALS you get core values that start with executive management and infuse through the entire organization. These values have become the philosophy of FID Chemicals:
  INTEGRITY in every aspect of our business—people, practices, and principles
  PASSION for performance, customers and the betterment of fellow professionals
  COMMITMENT to quality, self-improvement and personal excellence
  ACCOUNTABILITY for quality of work
  RELATIONSHIPS between people - employees, customers, and suppliers
Long-standing, strong relationships FID Chemical's scale, geographic reach, diversified distribution channels, broad product, and value-added services offerings, as well as our deep technical expertise and knowledgeable sales force, have enabled us to develop strong, long-term relationships spanning several decades, with both producers and customers.
Broad value-added service offeringsFID Chemicals extensive specialty and basic chemical product portfolio is complemented by a broad range of value-added services, such as specialty product blending.
Strategically positioned to focus on high-growth end markets — We have successfully focused our sales organization and operating assets to target high-growth end markets, including oil and gas, water treatment, agricultural sciences, food ingredients, cleaning and sanitization, pharmaceutical ingredients, and personal care. Our deep technical expertise, combined with our knowledgeable sales force, allows us to provide tailored solutions to our customers' specific needs.

USP or TECH Grades for a myriad of specialized applications.

Feed stock for Refined Glycerine and as is in a myriad more specialized applications.

Custom formulations for various conditions and applications.

Glycerine as an additive to animal feed.

Glycerine has unparalleled environmentally friendly anti-freeze and freeze control properties.